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structured textiles

In an attempt to elevate two dimensional surfaces, Robin Pleun utilizes the natural behaviour of materials to create dynamic structures. Multiple textile components are built up and merged using diverse weaving and printing techniques. Her tactile works play with the tension between contrasting materials and colors. The construction methods add depth to once-flat textiles. When viewers change their position or manipulate the designs with their hands, the interwoven patterns are revealed to encourage continued interaction. Besides its visual appeal, Maas' "structured textiles" can offer a functional role. With their highly acoustic qualities, they can serve interiors in more than one way. 

The woven textiles are made collaboration with the TextielMuseum Tilburg.


robin pleun textile tension.jpg
structured textile transparent robin pleun maas.jpg
structured textiles lines robin pleun maas.JPG
structured textiles robin pleun maas.jpg
textile tension dot robin pleun maas.jpg
textile tension detail robin pleun maas.jpg
textile facade robin pleun.jpg
textile tension rolled up robin pleun maas.jpg