envisions - finsa

Padded wood  - collaboration with Finsa                                                       wood in process - envisions

The potential applications and combinations of fabrics, surfaces and materials are central to the work of Robin Pleun Maas. Colourful explorations with structured textiles and woven objects become vibrant compositions with their contrasting yet complementing hues. And once Finsa’s rigid material with prismatic potential is introduced, the designer tries her hand at forming surfaces, shapes or structures with the pressed wooden fibre panels. As seen in her colour-chequered surfaces, Pleun again incorporates in a multitude of hues for Padded Wood, an MDF-based project which gives flexibility, depth and detail to the – no longer stiff – boards.

padded wood robin pleun maas envisions
padded wood robin pleun maas envisions
woven wood robin pleun maas
padded wood connection robin pleun maas
wood in process - envisions - robin pleun
padded wood envisions robin pleun maas


Photography by Ronald Smits